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Tormented by spiritual lack,
I plodded in a gloomy desert;
A six-winged seraph showed at last,
Before me, when the road dissevered.
And o'er my pupils did he skim
His fingers, airy as a dream, -
Prophetic pupils gaped and peered, like
Those of a frightened female eagle.
He ran the fingers o'er my ears, -
The ears got filled with noise and peals.
And I heard heaven's trepidation,
And angels' empyrean drive,
And sea-beasts' underwater life,
And valley willows' vegetation...
And, having nestl'd against my mouth,
He rooted erring tongue mine out,
The tongue both idle and deceiving,
And thrust a cunning serpent's sting
Inside my mouth, like frozen stiff,
With his right hand, stained by my bleeding...
He cleft my thorax with a blade,
Took out a quivering heart from it,
And then a blazing coal instead
Embedded in my my open thorax...
I lay like dead amid the wastes;
And, by the God's voice, was addressed:
"Arise, behold and hearken, prophet,
Be filled with my will hence and forth
And, travelling through lands and waters,
Sting hearts of people with the word!"


Translation Variation

Parched with the spirit's thirst, I crossed
An endless desert sunk in gloom,
And a six-winged seraph came
Where the tracks met and I stood lost.
Fingers light as dream he laid
Upon my lids; I opened wide
My eagle eyes, and gazed around.
He laid his fingers on my ears
And they were filled with roaring sound:
I heard the music of the spheres,
The flight of angels through the skies,
The beasts that crept beneath the sea,
The heady uprush of the vine;
And, like a lover kissing me,
He rooted out this tongue of mine
Fluent in lies and vanity;
He tore my fainting lips apart
And, with his right hand steeped in blood,
He armed me with a serpent's dart;
With his bright sword he split my breast;
My heart leapt to him with a bound;
A glowing livid coal he pressed
Into the hollow of the wound.
There in the desert I lay dead,
And God called out to me and said:
'Rise, prophet, rise, and hear, and see,
And let my works be seen and heard
By all who turn aside from me,
And burn them with my fiery word.'

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A. Pushkin, A Prophet \ А. Пушкин, Пророк (subs by V. Chetin)
Video recited by И.Смоктуновский Загружено