~ Abai Kunanbaev ~

Word Thirty-Five

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Calling to His Judgment the Hadjis, Sufis, Mullahs, Jomarts [1] and Sayyids, the Most High will demand much of them. He will set aside those among them who, during their earthly span, served and did good works only to earn respect and the good things of life. He will separate them from those who desired only to serve and please Allah.

To those who praised Him out of selfish interest He will say: "During your earthly life you served me only for the sake of being addressed with deference. But this will no longer be so. Your happy life has come to an end, and so has your power over people. You will not be honored here, but called to account for all you have done. You will answer for all this. I granted you life and bestowed wealth upon you, but you used all that to your own benefit; you have deceived people under the guise of concern for the other world."

But to those who served Him truly, the Most High will say: "By all your life and all your deeds you have endeavored to please me. I am content with you. A place of honor has been made ready for you, so welcome! Perhaps you will meet friends whom you have helped or those who have supported you by their good intentions. So rejoice!"

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[Footnote 1: jomart- generous man who does charitable deeds] Back to text