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This domain, leneshmidt-translations.com, houses resource and reference materials used every day by Leneshmidt Translation and Media Services in our work which includes commercial translation of technical English, Kazakh and Russian languages as well as projects for which we volunteer our services. Some of these volunteer projects now include transcribing classic Arabic text works to Latin and Cyrllic equivalents and in turn translating the works to English. We also volunteer translation services that further the rights of women and children if it involves the English, Kazakh or Russian languages. Feel free to browse through the resources and visit us often as we make new language resources available on a regular basis.

English, Kazakh and Russian Language Projects

  • Leneshmidt Kazakh, English and Russian GlossaryThe Leneshmidt English, Kazakh and Russian Glossary
  • Latin-Cyrillic-Kazakh-language-font-coverter
  • Leneshmidt English, Kazakh and Russian Audio Phrasebook

1)Lena Leneshmidt is pleased to offer the free online Leneshmidt Kazakh, Russian and English Glossary and Dictionary search engine of over 455,836 words in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. Click for the Glossary in your choice of languages

2)The Government of Kazakhstan has decided that the use of Cyrillic fonts will be phased out and replaced by Latin fonts by the year 2020. If you would like to begin learning the new system for the Kazakh language we offer the Kazakh language Cyrillic to Latin font converter.

3)The free online Leneshmidt Kazakh, Russian and English Phrasebook© features hundreds of everyday conversational phrases spoken to you for easy learning. Also works on Internet connected Flash browser enabled mobile phones and features The Leneshmidt Glossary Google Gadget. Click to Begin Learning Kazakh, Russian and English Phrases

English, Kazakh and Russian Language Resources for Teachers and Students

Links to translation resources for professional translators and language resources for beginning to advanced language students.

· The Most Unusual Video Lessons for Russian Language

With very little effort you will pick up a little Russian and be entertained at the same time. Here, Viktor Dmitrievitch Huliganov presents RL101 - 1 :Some Enchanted Evening to learn Russian! from Huliganov's YouTube Russian Course. I'm sure you have never seen a course like this! But don't be fooled. By his fifth lesson you will see that Viktor Dmitrievitch is not only a master of many languages, but a master teacher.

And here is Huliganov's "The Six Letters That Are The Same"

If you are entertained, you can watch the entire series: Huliganov's YouTube Russian Course (opens in a new window)

· Kazakh Video Language Lessons with Maksat Imangazi

Excellent beginner's video lessons for everyday Kazakh conversation. There are a total of 22 lessons of which 8 are listed here.

Lesson 2 with Maksat Imangazi
Lesson 3 with Maksat Imangazi
Lesson 4 with Maksat Imangazi
Lesson 5 with Maksat Imangazi
Lesson 6 with Maksat Imangazi
Lesson 7 with Maksat Imangazi
Lesson 8 with Maksat Imangazi

·Video Lessons for the Russian language

Excellent beginning courses for the Russian language. There are a total of 25 lessons of which 3 are listed here.
Russian Language World Lessons 1
Russian Language World Lessons 2
Russian Language World Lessons 3

· Text Based Kazakh Language Courses

Kazakh Language Course for Peace Corps Volunteers in Kazakhstan The original documents were PDF files containing TIFF images of the scanned pages of the originals. Since these scans were not always legible the author manually transcribed them into HTML. The original documents are still freely available online.

· Text Based English Language Courses

British Council Learn English BBC web portal (opens in a new window)
Learn English is a portal that links to all of the BBC websites for teachers and learners of English - just one web address to remember.

English Learning Center Using English.com (opens in a new window)
English as a second language online. A large collection of English as a Second Language (ESL) tools & resources for students, teachers, learners and academics, covering the full spectrum of ESL, EFL, ESOL, and EAP subject areas including free resources for teachers and students alike.

· Learning Russian Through Song

One method of learning language is through song. Here is an amusing example with the following Russian language lyrics:
My apartment is like a jungle
It is full of predators.
They swarm in my apartment,
But I got used to it long ago.

And the following more serious piece "ПОСЛЕДНЯЯ ОСЕНЬ" (The Last Autumn) with lyrics. Mouseover here for the lyrics in English. ПОСЛЕДНЯЯ ОСЕНЬ
This final autumn - not a line, not a sigh.
Final songs have fallen with the summer.
A farewell fire of the epoch burns out,
And we are watching the shadows and the lights
This final autumn.
This final autumn.

An autumn hurricane swept jokingly away
Everything that choked us in the dusty night;
Everything that pushed, played, glittered,
Torn apart by the aspen wind
This final autumn.
This final autumn.

Ah Alexander Sergeevich, dear,
Why have you told us nothing
Of how you held, searched, and loved?..
Of how that final autumn you knew.
That final autumn.
That final autumn.

Hungry sea, hissing, gulped down
The autumn sun, and, behind the clouds,
You will no longer remember what has been;
You will not touch the dusty grass with your hands

Poets walk away into the final autumn,
And you cannot bring them back - the blinds are nailed shut.
The rains only remain, and the icy summer;
Love remains, and the stones that rose from the dead.

Russian Schoolbook Over 80 examples of Russian language sing-along and Russian television with English subtitle by the same author can be found at his interesting and unique YouTube site:
"Russian Songs and Lyrics" (opens in a new window)

Tip Top Music Production Luina and Son Pascal sing the Russian WWII era song "Темная ночь" in the Russian language. Luina is from Almaty, Kazakhstan and Son Pascal, who sings in both Kazakh and Russian is from Manchester, England. Notice the Russian dialect of Son Pascal has a heavy English accent and the accent of Luina is Kazakhstan dialect Russian.
Mouseover here for the lyrics in English. SO DARK NIGHT
So dark night, only bullets do buzz over head,
Only wind whizzes weary wires, and the stars glimmer dimly
So dark night, but my darling won’t go to bed
Rocking cradle with baby tonight sudden tear you wipe grimly.

How I do love silent depth of your innocent eyes
Oh, how I wish to touch them with my lips this moment
So dark night separates us beloved my wife,
And the barren dark no-man's land makes me insolvent.

I trust in you, my unfailing magnificent light,
And this trust kept me safe in dark night bullets shot at me hampered
I’m full of joy and so calm in ignivomous fight
For I know you will meet me with love just whatever would happen.

No fear of death, we’ve met it many times in the field
Even just now it continues new victims trapping
You wait for me rocking cradle you are not asleep
And therefore I am really sure nothing bad ever happen!

Mark Bernes

And below, the original 1943 version from the movie "Темная ночь" as sung by Mark Bernes so that you can compare dialects with the above video.

NDG Music Production

Big Som & Luina sing "Один" in the Russian language. Luina is from Almaty, Kazakhstan and Big Som is from the city of Aktau, Kazakhstan. Notice the Kazakhstan difference in dialect of Russian language. Filmed in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Translator's and Student's Library of Literature Resources for English, Kazakh and Russian

Literature of Russia and Kazakhstan for students and translators. Literary works are often a way of better understanding the history, language and culture of nations and their contributions and place in world history. The growing collection below features further translations, revision and editing by Leneshmidt Translation Services.

Анна Каренина~Obiralovka Train Station

Анна Каренина ~ Obiralovka Train Station

Leneshmidt Trademark Anna Karenina by Leo Nikoleyevich Tolstoy~ in English
Full English text of the Russian classic by Leo Nikoleyevich Tolstoy translated to English by Constance Garnett, text revised and edited by Leneshmidt Translations, 2012. The image above is a puzzle. Can you find Anna and her son in happier times? If you have figured it out, there is another puzzle in Part One, Chapter 18.

Pushkin self portrait

Self Portrait of Aleksandr Pushkin

Leneshmidt Trademark The Captain's Daughter ~ in English
The full English text version of the Aléksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin Russian literature masterpiece, The Captain's Daughter, (sometimes referred to as The Daughter of the Commandant).
This newly translated and revised version is a composite of various English translations, with the foundation being the Mary Pamela Milne-Home version and various other sources including the original French translation (featuring artwork rendered for the French version) and the English version from the library in Kiev, Ukraine. Further research, translation, editing and revision by Lena Leneshmidt English, Kazakh and Russian Translation Services. It includes all of the epigrams, songs and poems which are known to us to exist in the original Pushkin finished version. It does not contain the so-called "missing chapter" which is actually a rough draft that Pushkin wrote and discarded. You can however read a text version of the rough draft by following a link provided in the "Notes" section of this website.

Leneshmidt Trademark Eugene Onegin ~ in English
Some literary critics cite this Pushkin poem as one of the greatest poems ever written. It certainly is the greatest poem ever written in the Russian language excepting the Bronze Horseman which some say is the greatest poem since the Iliad by Homer. This translation is by A.S. Kline, copyright 2009.

Leneshmidt Trademark The Poetry of Pushkin ~ in English
A little known fact is that Alexander Pushkin, the father of modern Russian literature and born into Russian nobility, was of African heritage and in reality black. Pushkin once quipped, "I write for the same reason that the singer sings, the baker bakes, and the quack kills his patient— for money". In the following examples of poetry you are treated to Pushkin's wit, sarcastic humor and eloquent use of language.
"Countless phrases of his entered the Russian language as Shakespeare’s phrases permeate English. The incomparable mastery of Pushkin’s verse has eluded translation, and much of his wit and wisdom is surprisingly unknown, although, in many ways, Pushkin was by far the most Western of all great Russian writers." ~ Green Lamp Press

Ilyas Dzhansugurov ~ 1923

Leneshmidt Trademark Ilyas Dzhansugurov ~ In Russian with notes in English
The brilliant Kazakh poet, playwright, novelist, columnist, satirist, journalist, translator - 100 works translated into the native language works, including "Eugene Onegin", two poems and 30 of Pushkin's poetry, the poetry of Lermontov, Nekrasov, Mayakovsky, Gorky. Executed by Stalin's secret police, 1938. The Notes section also features a video about Dzhansugurov by the Khabar News Agency.

·The Diaries of Leo Tolstoy (opens in a new browser)
From the archives of the Boston Public Library. Translation from the Russian by C.J. Hogarth and A. Sirnis. This is an on-line reader. A rather imperfect full text available for download and editing. Made available on the Internet by Archive.org

Abai Kunanbaev (1845 ~ 1904)

Leneshmidt Trademark The Book of Words by Abai Kunanbaev~ In English
The complete English text version of Abai Kunanbaev's beautiful Kazakh literature masterpiece, The Book of Words. Includes a video by the Khabar News Agency and research in the "Notes" section.

Leneshmidt Trademark Spring by Abai Kunanbaev~ In English
The complete English text version of Abai Kunanbaev's poem, Spring. Includes a video by the Khabar News Agency and research in the "Notes" section.

ابونصر محمد بن محمد فارابی

Leneshmidt Trademark Alfarabi Book of Letters Part Two
The English text version of Chapters 19-25 of the Book of Letters by Al Farabi.
Al Farabi, one of the world's great philosophers, is known as the 'Second Master' after the 'First Master', Aristotle.
We chose to feature this translation by Muhsin Mahdi of Chapters 19 through 25 of Part 2 of the Book of Letters as they cover a small portion of Al-Farabi's teachings and writings as concerns languages and language differences in the development of society and nations.

Translator's Library of Language Resources for English, Kazakh and Russian

Links to translation resources for professional translators and language resources for beginning to advanced language students.

Leneshmidt Trademark The Leneshmidt English, Kazakh and Russian Audio Phrasebook
The audio phrasebook offers hundreds of written and audio pronunciations of common terms in English, Kazakh and Russian.

Leneshmidt Trademark The Leneshmidt English, Kazakh and Russian Searchable Glossary and Dictionary
Over 455,836 English, Kazakh and Russian terms, phrases and words in a free on-line searchable glossary.
"Looking for a good Kazakh online dictionary? This is one of the best I've ever found!" ~ Kazakh Language for All
The Leneshmidt Translations English, Kazakh and Russian Glossary is cited by:
· Oxford University
· So You Want to Learn A Language
· The Apertium Wiki
· Wikipedia
· ProZ
· Free Online Dictionaries
· Kazakh Language for All
among others as a Kazakh, Russian and English course study reference and professional translator language resource.

Leneshmidt Trademark Kazakh Language Cyrillic to Latin Font Converter
The Government of Kazakhstan has decided that the use of Cyrillic fonts will be phased out and replaced by Latin fonts by the year 2020. If you would like to begin learning the new system for the Kazakh language we offer the Kazakh language Cyrillic to Latin font converter. The converter is based on transliteration tables by R.S. Gilyarevsky, V.S. Grivnin. Moscow : "Nauka", 1970 from the Princeton Univervisity Library Catalog; the Kazakh-English-Arabic Correspondence Chart found in Wikipedia, and the open source PHP Kazakh-English-Arabic transliteration scheme created by Zhengzhu Feng which can be studied here.

·The Multitran System for Translators
Over 10,000,000,000 terms. Supports English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Latvian, Estonian languages.

Proz.com emblem Proz.com
Serving the world's largest community of translators, ProZ.com delivers a comprehensive network of essential services, resources and experiences that enhance the lives of its members. Here is a list and summary of the most basic features.

·Google Translate
Supports 65+ languages.

ATA logo The American Translators Association
The mission of ATA is to benefit translators and interpreters by promoting recognition of their societal and commercial value, facilitating communication among all its members, establishing standards of competence and ethics, and educating both its members and the public.

·The Google Professional Translator Toolkit
Google Translator Toolkit is a powerful and easy-to-use editor that helps translators work faster and better.

·Downloadable Parsek-Cyrillic@.ttf Kazakh Fonts
The author created the 9 Kazakh-specific letters using FontForge. These fonts can be installed and used with a Kazakh keyboard for Kazakh or Russian text.

·Kazakh Transliteration Table.
From the Princeton Univervisity Library Catalog.

·The Sozdik Online Russian-Kazakh Dictionary
With 60,000 words in Russian and Kazakh. Русско-казахский и казахско-русский онлайн словарь содержит более 60000 словарных статей по каждому направлению перевода. Около 3000 словарных статей на казахском языке озвучены. В словаре реализован двухсторонний перевод.

·The Global Glossary
A unique multilingual dictionary built by combining a multitude of sources from all over the Web. Global Glossary's fast and smart search engine gives you easy access to an amount of lexical knowledge you could hardly find elsewhere.

Humanitarian Projects

·The Nur-Avicenum Hospital and Clinic
Leneshmidt Translation Services lends its support to various organizations that benefit our community when it involves the translation of Kazakh, Russian and English languages. One such organization worthy of this support is the Nur-Avicenum Hospital and Clinic in Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan. The Nur-Avicenum serves over 26,000 of its neighbors each year, many at no cost. The Nur-Avicenum and its programs are non-profit and non-governmental.